Working with children

Posebno smo ponosni što našu ordinaciju smatraju prijateljem dece. To znači da volimo da vidimo decu u našoj ordinaciji i da radimo sa njima, kao i to da većina dece srećna dolazi i odlazi od nas.

On the recommendation of all dentists in the world, including ours, meeting children and dentists, ie. the first arrival should be such that the mother or father brings the child with him when he is three and a half to four years old. It is the arrival because of the so-called KNOWLEDGE, where in most cases nothing will be done. We do not open the card for the child then, but only get to know him, while we try to make him like the whole ambience and atmosphere, which is extremely important.

If even then, on the first visit, they agree to sit in a chair, we drive them a little, show them light, water spray, air spray and other things that are interesting to them, and then "count" their teeth, talk to them a little and often give them presents some little thing that is at hand. All this is, of course, free, and the point is that the first or first visits are without concrete work, where children create an image of a visit to the dentist, as something that is not scary at all and can even be fun. Since then, everything has been much easier!

It is bad to wait for a child to have a toothache first, and only then to bring him to us! We will certainly help the child, but all that is much more traumatic for the child, and our work is incomparably harder. That is why the principle of KNOWLEDGE is much better, more acceptable and more positive for everyone. Important !!! Milk teeth are almost as important as permanent ones, and that is why children should insist on brushing their teeth from an early age, initially with your help, and later on their own. Teeth are brushed every morning before breakfast, every night before bed and it is recommended to wash after taking sweets.

We will show the child how to brush his teeth properly at the first visits. It is up to you to follow these instructions and never scare your child with stories about the dentist, because that can cause great fear and repulsion in him. These are all tips for the health, happiness and beautiful smile of your little ones!