The first and most important advice, which is worth repeating 100 times, until it is adopted, is oral hygiene, ie. regular and proper brushing of teeth. Human health, the appearance of teeth, that is, the beauty of a smile, depend on that, and a smile is the most important key for many life locks. A good toothbrush requires a good toothbrush, neither too hard nor too soft, then a little toothpaste, which preferably contains flour and finally good will, perseverance, desire for a beautiful smile and regular brushing. Teeth are brushed every morning, before breakfast, every night, before bed and it is recommended to brush after taking sweets. We will show you how to brush your teeth properly, already on the first visits.

In addition to brushes and toothpaste, dental floss also plays a very important role in maintaining oral hygiene. It is rare for people to have all their teeth so far apart, so that the brush can approach from all sides and wash all surfaces nicely. In most cases, the situation is reversed, which is why the most common place of caries is right between the teeth, where the brush does not have access. Dental floss solves this problem very easily and effectively, removing all interdental deposits and food debris.

The dental appliance consists not only of the tooth, as such, but also of the supporting tissue and ligaments that serve to hold the teeth in the jaw bones. To preserve the supporting tissue and the apparatus with all the connections that participate in it, regular and proper hygiene is also needed, as well as the occasional removal of tartar, where there is a need and where it is increasingly created and retained.

Flour is a chemical element that can be very useful for the growth and development of teeth in terms of their strength and durability, of course with a dosed and prescribed application by a dentist. It can be taken by pregnant women in the last third of pregnancy, breastfeeding mothers, small and large children, as well as adults.

These are just a few of the tips we can give you in a nutshell. If you have any questions, concerns or problems, contact us and your dilemma will be resolved. All our advice to you, our patients, is comprehensive and free!

Our last piece of advice on this page is to visit us regularly because examinations and controls are also free, and in the vast majority of cases very useful!