Health tourism

It may sound strange to some, but it is very simple! As the name suggests, it is also about health, which refers to your teeth, mouth and smile, and tourism, which includes your vacation, swimming, skiing, local and international cuisine, sunbathing, cafes, restaurants and discos, walking and clean air, top accommodation in hotel or apartment capacities offered by our region and through sports, recreational and other activities. For this second part, which refers to tourism, we are glad that in our city and region there are several extraordinary places and offers that will host you in the right way and make your vacation with us beautiful, useful and fulfilling.

During your stay in one of the hotels or apartments that we will recommend if you call us, you only need to visit our office a few times and your smile and teeth will take on a new shine and look for all time! We hope that your vacation will be pleasant and pleasant, and we guarantee a smile and teeth !!! And not only us, there is forty years of experience in all areas of dentistry, thousands of satisfied patients from our region and our people abroad who use every vacation in the countries where they work to visit us, then the materials we work with, which belong to the range of top world manufacturers from America, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and Japan!

All this is at many times lower prices than anywhere else in Europe and the surrounding countries. It is up to you to take some time and good will, and the result will be mutual satisfaction. For all our works, especially in the field of prosthetics (crowns, bridges, prostheses) there is a multi-year warranty in every respect!

If you live in Serbia, you know how easy it is to reach us, to Požega, Arilje, Ivanjica, Zlatibor, Čačak, Lučani, Kosjerić, Užice, Ježevica, Divčibare or some other beautiful place nearby, where you will find a real vacation and a way to a beautiful smiles and teeth, in just a few days!

If you live in Europe, America, Canada, Australia or any other place on the globe, you are welcome to our beautiful Serbia and its capital Belgrade, from where you will be able to reach us by bus, train, your car or taxi very quickly, relax and beautify its appearance.

We think that this whole idea and project of health tourism is very beautiful, positive and simple, and if you have any questions, suggestions and proposals or you need our help in making the arrival, or clarifying the details of the plan, call us on our phones in Pozega or us write to e-mail.

Yours, Dr Brasanac