Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic, white fillings are an ideal solution for the replacement of lost tooth tissue, whether it is caries of destroyed teeth, tooth erosion or fractures (fractures) of the tooth. They are especially indicated, ie. destined for front teeth, where aesthetics come to the fore, although we also work with a particularly resistant and durable type of composite materials that we also use on lateral teeth, which suffer significantly more pressure and load.

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The first and most important advice, which is worth repeating 100 times, until it is adopted, is oral hygiene, ie. regular and proper brushing of teeth. Human health, the appearance of teeth, that is, the beauty of a smile, depend on that, and a smile is the most important key for many life locks. A good toothbrush requires a good toothbrush, neither too hard nor too soft, then a little toothpaste, which preferably contains flour and finally good will, perseverance, desire for a beautiful smile and regular brushing. Teeth are brushed every morning, before breakfast, every night, before bed and it is recommended to brush after taking sweets. We will show you how to brush your teeth properly, already on the first visits.

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Health tourism

It may sound strange to some, but it is very simple! As the name suggests, it is also about health, which refers to your teeth, mouth and smile, and tourism, which includes your vacation, swimming, skiing, local and international cuisine, sunbathing, cafes, restaurants and discos, walking and clean air, top accommodation in hotel or apartment capacities offered by our region and through sports, recreational and other activities. For this second part, which refers to tourism, we are glad that in our city and region there are several extraordinary places and offers that will host you in the right way and make your vacation with us beautiful, useful and fulfilling.

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